Schedule tree removal service in Lubbock or Shallowater, TX

Trees can add shade and elegance to your property, but overgrown or poorly situated trees can cause damage to structures and power lines. The team at ACME Exteriors is trained to maintain your trees so they don't become a danger or nuisance. Our tree trimming service will keep your trees manageable and healthy, while our tree removal service will make sure any dead or dying trees are carefully removed.

Trust our tree trimming or tree removal service in Shallowater, TX or Lubbock, TX

Our team is standing by to care for your lawn

Our team is standing by to care for your lawn

ACME Exteriors offers comprehensive tree services. Our tree care team will make sure your trees are properly pruned. We bring along all of our own equipment, and we won't leave a job unfinished.

Here's a lineup of our tree services:

  • Tree trimming/pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Debris cleanup

Our team is efficient, timely and safety-conscious. Call our tree trimming service in Shallowater or Lubbock, TX today.

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